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John Philip Sousa Gold Medal

What an honor! Gary Roche was asked to take the “President’s Own” Marine Band on a tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield between their morning rehearsal and their performance at the Pennsylvania Memorial on Friday night of the 2013 MOH Convention. Gary's cousin, Tony DeLacy, also a Licensed Battlefield Guide, joined him on a second bus. At the 7th Wisconsin Monument Gary had on display Captain DeLacy’s MOH and a picture of the Captain for the band members to see. After the tour, Tony and Gary were invited to have dinner there at the PA Memorial with the Band and The West Point Choir before the performance.

After the tour, Chief Warrant Officer Doug Burien presented Tony and Gary with the John Philip Sousa Gold Medal. He said, “We do not give these out lightly, so you are in a very select group that holds this honor.”

Gary and Tony both thank Col. Michael Colburn, Director of the Band, as well. It was one of their most memorable days on the Battlefield!

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