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Thomas G. Kelley

Thomas G. Kelley

Navy Captain Tom Kelley was an early arrival at the 2013 MOH Convention. Unfortunately, he had to leave early due to a death in his family. However, before he left Gary Roche had the honor and privilege of taking Captain Kelley and his wife, Joan, on an extended tour of the Battlefield. On the tour Gary introduced him to two fellow Guides and he graciously chatted with them and their visitors on tour.

Gary had forgotten to turn his cell phone ringer down and at the North Carolina monument his phone rang. Gary's ringtone is the Boston College Fight Song. When it rang Tom and Gary made eye contact and Tom started to sing the BC Fight Song. So, Gary joined in and they sang both choruses, much to Joan’s embarrassment, as she thought both men to be a little whacky. You see, Tom Kelley is not only from Boston, but he went to BC High which has the same fight song as Boston College, where Gary's daughter Susan was the drum major of the BC Band. What a great memory!

As appreciation for the tour, in a parting handshake, he gave Gary his challenge coin.

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