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Gettysburg MOH Convention

Bob Monahan, Chair of the Gettysburg MOH Convention, presented Gary Roche with the first challenge coin made especially for the annual convention. Gary considers it very unusual as the image of the MOH on the coin has the 1863 Medal with the 1896 replacement ribbon, which is the same as his Great-Great-Grandfather’s MOH that he has in his possession.

Gary Roche's wife, Marsha, and he volunteered at the Wyndham Hotel, where the MOH Convention was held. Gary spoke about Gettysburg and the MOH at the opening breakfast on Thursday morning. They displayed his ancestor’s Civil War Medal of Honor both the 1863 Medal and the replacement 1904 Medal, pictures and other artifacts for the recipients to see.

The Convention was a great experience for Gary; something he never dreamed that he would be part of. Thanks go out to Bob Monahan.

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